La Bohème - A Staged Concert | Algonquin Arts Theatre
La Bohème - A Staged Concert
April 27 - April 28, 2019
Puccini's much-loved opera La Bohème will be costumed and staged in a local, contemporary setting - backed by the full Orchestra of St. Peter by the Sea conducted by Father Alphonse Stephenson.
Saturday, April 27
Sunday, April 28

Premium: $53 (Adult), $50 (Senior), $43 (Student)
Regular: $45 (Adult), $42 (Senior), $35 (Student)

Event Information
Running time: Approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes
Intermission: Yes

Imagine four young, bohemian artists renting a two bedroom apartment at the Jersey Shore for the summer of 2019.

Seem farfetched?

Imagine that it's Friday of Labor Day Weekend, complete with a power outage and a cold snap.


Imagine the landlord looking for the rent from the musician, poet, the painter and the philosopher, or the girl next door looking for a match for her candle, and love-affairs that are on again, off again.

At the Jersey Shore?

Very possible!

This is exactly the setting for this season's production of Puccini's much-loved opera La Bohème, a staged, costumed and recreated performance with the Orchestra of St. Peter by the Sea and its conductor, Father Alphonse Stephenson.

"I know that updating an operatic masterpiece is a stretch for the imagination sometimes, but this concept is a natural," said Father Alphonse during a recent interview. "I've found the the best cast for our endeavor. They not only have magnificent voices, but they actually look and act like the roles they're singing!"

Complete with supertitles, translating each not-to-be-missed dialogue and asides projected above the action, a full, forty-five member symphony orchestra, plus chorus of Labor Day Weekend boardwalk bar patrons, this promises to be an epic performance.


Presented by Algonquin Arts Theatre and the Festival of the Atlantic as part of the Victoria J. Mastrobuono Series


Concert sponsored by Diane Turton, Realtors

Series sponsored by Janice Blanton, honor of her parents, Greta and Bill