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Theatre Rental

Algonquin Arts Theatre is a 500-seat, fully-equipped performing arts space. In addition, there is the dance studio that may be available as reception space and a meeting room. Additional production personnel and equipment will be required at an additional charge depending on the technical requirements of your event. Each rental is priced individually based upon time, technical needs, staff requirements, load in/out and number of spaces required.

Our spaces are available for:
Dance Recitals
Special Events
Private Functions
Private Movie Screenings

We do NOT rent our space for:
Ticketed performances for the general public (not produced by Algonquin Arts Theatre)
An event that could be perceived as an Algonquin production
Political or partisan events
Events that are not in line with the mission of Algonquin Arts Theatre

As an organization that is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the Code), Algonquin Arts Theatre is prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. In accordance, the Algonquin Arts Theatre rental policy prohibits the use of facilities for partisan political events or campaign activities. Please note, Algonquin Arts Theatre Management reserves the right to accept or decline inquiries for rental events at its sole discretion.

Rental Event Disclaimer
The following disclaimer will be placed on advertising for all rental events:

"This is an Algonquin Arts Theatre rental event. The views and opinions expressed or presented in this program do not necessarily represent or reflect the views or positions of the Algonquin Arts Theatre."

Algonquin Arts Theatre requires the following staff members be present during theater usage:

  • Production Manager or Stage Hand
  • House Manager
  • Sound Board Operator when applicable
  • Light Board Operator when applicable
  • Rail Hand when applicable

Staff costs will be directly billed to renter. Algonquin Arts Theatre does not provide box office, ticket sales or marketing support for rentals although an event name can be displayed on the theater marquee for patron clarity and convenience for an additional fee.

A list of all rules, regulations, technical requirements, deadlines and fees will be provided to renter, once a renter is approved by the Executive Director.

Contact our box office at [email protected].


500 seats, 6 accessible seating locations

Proscenium Opening: 34'-5" wide x 19'-0" high
Stage depth: 34'-0" from back wall to front of Apron
Wing space: 5'-1" Stage left and Stage right
Wing space Height: 12'-1" under pin rails
Curtain line to back wall: 20'-0"
Curtain line to front of apron: 14'0"
Grid height: 46'-0"
Floor: Tongue and groove red oak over a sprung floor

Orchestra Pit: 37' long, 11' wide on center and 7' wide on the ends. 7 feet below stage level.
Under-stage Corridor: approximately 10' wide by full width of building, accessible from stairs stage left and stage right, access to orchestra pit and to dressing rooms.

No dressing rooms on stage level
2 private dressing rooms, with sinks
3 chorus dressing rooms which accommodate 10 people each
Men's and ladies' restrooms are down the hall from the chorus rooms
All dressing rooms are accessible from the stage and door on north side of building by lobby entrance

Algonquin Arts Theatre has a parking lot immediately adjacent to the theatre. There are 62 spots, including 2 accessible spots. There is also plentiful municipal parking available in the parking plaza in the center of Abe Voorhees Way.

Algonquin Arts Theatre (AAT) is a 501c(3) non-profit center for performing arts, providing cultural enrichment and arts education for residents and visitors of Central New Jersey and the Jersey Shore through high-quality performances and programs in theatre, music, dance and film. Algonquin Arts, Inc. reserves the right to deny or cancel any rental agreement with any individual or group that intends to use theatre facilities to promote or support any activity that contradicts the mission and vision statements of Algonquin Arts Theatre.