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"YUCK" School Lunch Documentary Wins Pick Of The Flicks As Kidz Filmz Storms To A Hault

February 14, 2013

Garden State Film Festival and Algonquin Arts Theatre Presented A Unique Three-Day Event in Manasquan from February 8-10

MANASQUAN, N.J. (Feb. 14, 2013) - New York City local Zachary Maxwell's short documentary "YUCK" won the audience choice award as "Pick of the Flicks," in its New Jersey premiere, topping 38 other films as The Asbury Park Press presented the second annual Kidz Filmz at Algonquin Arts Theatre.

The film also won Best Documentary Short by a Middle School Student on Sunday to wrap up a weekend of great films.

Maxwell created the film as a fourth grader in 2011 to reveal the truth behind his school lunch program to show his parents that the lunch advertised wasn't the lunch served. In an effort to prove his point, Zachary started sneaking a small HD camera into the lunchroom to show his parents the truth - footage which became the base for this award-winning short film.

During 2012 "YUCK" was selected to appear in the NYC Independent Film Festival and New Filmmakers New York and also won Best Documentary at the 2012 BrownFish Short Film Festival in New York City.

Maxwell was among the hundreds who attended the festival from Feb. 8-10 in Manasquan. A joint venture between Algonquin Arts Theatre and the Garden State Film Festival, Kidz Filmz was created with the mission to provide educational enhancement as well as an outlet for creativity and enrichment through the presentation of films that are the very finest in entertainment for the young and young at heart.

"For a second consecutive year we were pleased with the great films and the response from the community," said Diane Raver, founder of the Garden State Film Festival. "We weren't going to let a snow storm that shared the name of a cartoon fish derail this great event for kids! We're so thrilled that so many local families braved the storm and shoveled out to join us."

Films competed in two categories, overall and homegrown ( 75% of principle photography in the State of New Jersey) .

Homegrown Winners:

  • Best Homegrown Animation Short: "Evy In The New Word" directed and produced by Killvalavan Solai
  • Best Homegrown short, High School Student: "Fork In The Rocky Road" directed by Danielle Ring and produced by Communications High School

Overall Winners:

  • Pick Of The Flicks: "YUCK" directed by Zachary Maxwell and produced by Zachary and CJ Maxwell
  • Best Music Video: "Life As It Is" directed by Tim Maupin and produced by DeAnna Cooper & Lyn Niemann of Music Video Student High School
  • Best Music Video, High School Student: "Whole Wide World" directed and produced by Owen Grove from Communications High School
  • Best Short Animation, CGI: "The Juggler" directed by Jack Ofield and produced by Helen-Maria Erawan from New Pacific Productions
  • Best Short Animation, International: "Home Was The Sailor" directed and produced by Seana Kozar of Canada
  • Best Short Animation, Middle School Student: "Killer App" directed and produced by Elizabeth Herrick from Waffle Films
  • Best Short Animation, Claymation, College Student: "Around The World" directed and produced by Justin Guevarra from University of the Arts
  • Best Short Animation, Cell Animation, College Student: "Bedtime" directed and produced by Avi Tuchman
  • Best Short: "Oowie Wanna" directed by Bridget Palardy and produced by Lara Everly and Jermaine Jae
  • Best Short, High School Student: " O.D.D. (Obsessive Disheveled Order)" directed by Owen Grove and produced by Morgan Hennessy, Samantha Mustari and Gia Reilly
  • Best Short, International High School Student: "Greek Hospitality" directed by Christina Tabaktsi and produced by Kiki Gro-Nielsen of Greece
  • Best Short, College Student: "Super Kids And Dad" directed and produced by Joseph Rinaldi from Super Twins Productions
  • Best Short, International College Student: "Teddy's Big Holiday" directed and produced by Anna Beaumont of England
  • Best Short, International Graduate Student: "Florence" directed and produced by Robin Swailes of England
  • Best Short, Comedy: "Charm City Rumpus" directed by Dennis Boni and produced by Jimmy Monack
  • Best Mixed Media: "Dumbleweed" directed by Brian Horn and produced by Natasha Khronlenko and Ryan Harvie
  • Best Feature Documentary: "Magic Camp" directed and produced by Judd Ehrlich from Flatbush Pictures & Brooklyn Film Networks
  • Best Documentary Short: "Bag Buddies" directed and produced by Fletcher Passow from Concerned Turtle Productions
  • Best Documentary Short, Middle School Student: "YUCK" directed by Zachary Maxwell and produced by Zachary & CJ Maxwell
  • Broader Vision Award: For Using Filmmaking For The Greater Good: "DxOne" directed and produced by Dan Masucci from Fountainhead Pictures

About Algonquin Arts Theatre:
Algonquin Arts Theatre (AAT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1992 with the mission to provide cultural enhancement and arts education to all audiences at the Jersey Shore through high-quality performances and programs in theatre, music, film and dance. The end goal is to foster appreciation of the arts and promote lifelong learning, particularly among underserved audiences including the economically disadvantaged, senior citizens and individuals with disabilities.

Algonquin Arts Theatre's programs are made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts / Department of State, a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts; by funds from the Paul F. Zito, M.D. Educational Foundation, by Simon Kaufman, Esq. & Maria Zito-Kaufman and remembering Marialana and her love for children and the arts.

About Kidz Filmz
Kidz Filmz is a joint venture between Algonquin Arts Theatre and the Garden State Film Festival with the mission to provide educational enhancement as well as an outlet for creativity and enrichment through the presentation of films that are the very finest in entertainment for the young and young at heart. The presenting sponsor is The Asbury Park Press. The films are presented at Algonquin Arts Theatre in a festival-type event that uses the cinematic arts as a means of sharing information and broadening the horizons, spotlight creativity and bring cultural understanding in a festive environment.

Entries include films from local filmmakers as well as from around the globe. Education components of the inaugural festival include a screening block of select entrants for school groups on the first day of the festival. Additionally, a workshop for children on Saturday morning will create a short film that will be screened during a later block of films.

About The Garden State Film Festival
The Garden State Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded to promote the art of filmmaking on all levels by showcasing a wide variety of film, video and animated works as well as provide educational programs in the creative arts to the public by industry leaders. The artistic philosophy of the GSFF is rooted in the celebration of the independent film genre and the creation of a forum where local and other independent filmmakers can exhibit their work. Our event is held on an annual basis in the spring of each year at the Paramount Theater/Convention Hall complex as well as other venues in Asbury Park, New Jersey and surrounding area. In addition GSFF provides a wide range of outreach and educational programs throughout the entire year.