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Algonquin Arts Theatre
Theatre Rental
FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about the Theatre, rental fees, available dates and programming opportunities: please contact David Weber at or by phone at 732-528-3803.
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Rules and Regulations
  1. An audience is only permitted upon approval at signing of rental. Authorized children in the theatre for rehearsals and performances should not be permitted to run loose, should not be barefoot and must be supervised at all times.
  2. The lobby and concession areas are for use only during performances and for pre-performance preparation and ticket sales. Any other use or occupancy of this area must be included in the rental agreement.
  3. The lobby restrooms are for the Public attending performances. Cast and crew shall use the restrooms in the dressing room area.
  4. Food and beverages are not permitted in the theatre during dress rehearsals.
  5. Use of concession area must be included in rental agreement and renter must use theatre equipment. No personal coolers/refrigerators/appliances are permitted.
  6. If Theatre users are authorized to use concession, the following products may be sold, but only after approval by the Management of Algonquin Arts Theatre hereafter "Management")
    a.   Beverages: water, soda and juices only and only in aluminum and plastic containers
    b.   Snacks: commercially packaged snacks and candy with no icing, sprinkles, solid chocolate, cake, fudge and/or ice cream.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Theatre user to prevent audience members from entering the theatre with outside food or drink.
  8. Theatre users will be responsible for their own advertising. Displays are permitted in designated areas only and must be prearranged included in the rental agreement.
  9. Taping to walls/surfaces is only permitted with the use of Blue (painters) tape or masking tape and only permitted backstage and in dressing room areas. No scotch or duct tape is permitted. Damage to walls will warrant a repair fee.
  10. Audience members are not permitted backstage or in the dressing rooms. The Theatre user is responsible for limiting access to all back stage areas to cast and crew only.
  11. Smoking in the building is prohibited at all times and is the responsibility of the Theatre user to enforce.
  12. All fire exits, aisles, hallways, doorways, and stairways must be kept clear at all times. Nothing is to be stored in these areas.
  13. The auditorium may not be used for building or assembly of scenery, painting, carpentry or storage.
  14. Connecting any telephone equipment and activating the phone lines must be approved in rental contract.
  15. Cast and crew parking shall be confined to the theatre parking lot area west of the building. Parking of trucks and storage trailers is allowed only during load-in and load-out. Trucks and trailers shall be parked so as to minimize interference with normal parking. All local ordinances must be obeyed.
  16. Patrons are not permitted to take pictures or record performances. If Theatre user wishes to record or photograph the performance, they must receive written permission from Management prior to occupancy. Any recording, broadcasting or filming shall include a credit line, "Recorded live at the Algonquin Arts Theatre, Manasquan, New Jersey."


  1. Unless otherwise noted in writing, only Algonquin Theatre Arts personnel shall be permitted to operate the lighting and sound systems. A written request must be submitted to the Management for review and approval at the time the rental agreement is being created. Management reserves the right to refuse the request for any reason.
  2. For insurance reasons, only Algonquin Arts Theatre personnel will be permitted to hang scenery, operate the fly rail and use the theatre's ladders.
  3. Any technician supplied by the tenant is subject to the authority of the Algonquin Arts Theatre Technical Director. The Director has the right to dismiss any technician who is acting in a hazardous or unsafe manner.
  4. Any member of the Theatre user's staff, cast or crew found possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be expelled from the theatre at the discretion of the Algonquin Arts Theatre Management.
  5. The Algonquin Arts Theatre Technical Director will be the sole judge of the minimum house crew requirements for any event in the theatre.
  6. Except for the performers, proper footwear most be worn at all times while onstage. No bare feet or open toed shoes are permitted.


  1. The fire curtain must be kept clear at all times.
  2. All scenic elements are to be back painted and flame retardant.
  3. No pinning or taping of the house soft goods is permitted.
  4. All house soft goods and lighting equipment will be restored to their returned positions at the tenant's expense at the conclusion of the rental period.
  5. No electrical tie-ins are permitted without written permission of the Algonquin Arts Theatre Technical Director and must be accomplished by the theatre technical staff. A written request most be submitted at the time the rental agreement is being created.
  6. No additional equipment is permitted any where in the building (lobby, theatre, stage, dressing rooms and studio) without approval from Management and must be included in the rental agreement.
  7. No removal of any section of the pit cover is allowed without written permission of the Algonquin Arts Theatre technical director and must be accomplished by the theatre technical staff.
  8. No cable is allowed to run on the house floor under the seats.
  9. No painting of the stage floor or painting of any prop/scenery in the theatre building.
  10. Tenant is responsible for removing any tape markers placed onstage. Only cloth gaffers tape may be used.
  11. No drilling of holes in the stage floor is allowed.
  12. Tenant must provide the Algonquin Arts Technical Director with a detailed description of all technical needs at least 14 days prior to occupancy.