You're Invited to Take-A-Seat!

Take A Seat

Algonquin Arts Theatre us underway with a fundraising campaign to pay for installation of new theatre seats (pictured above) - you can play a role by participating in the "Take a Seat!" campaign.

The current seats date from the theatre's 1938 construction as a movie house. The new seats will be both extremely comfortable and will use the original but refurbished seat ends in order to keep the original art deco look of the theatre. Wheelchair areas with companion seating will also be an integral part of the new seating plan.

As a "Take-A-Seat!" campaign sponsor of a new seat - or block of seats - you will become part of the history and vibrant future of the Algonquin Arts Theatre and our community. Every time you take a seat at the theatre, or walk by as the audience is arriving, you will have the pleasure of knowing your generosity is making it possible for someone else to experience the unique joy of entertainment, understanding, and self-discovery that comes only with the performing arts.

There are two easy ways to join our "Take-A-Seat" campaign. Don't forget that Algonquin Arts Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit and your contribution to this campaign is tax deductible. Two installment payment plans over one year are available.

1. Download the "Take-A-Seat" form and return it via mail or in person.

2. Call Development Director Teresa Staub at 732-528-4336.

Take-A-Seat Contribution Levels

In appreciation of your generous donation, all contributors will be invited to a private ribbon-cutting ceremony and cocktail event. In addition, all levels will receive a customized plaque on their selected chair as well as recognition on the "Take-A-Seat" campaign board that will be prominently displayed in the theatre lobby.

Please see below for contribution levels and benefits:

Producer: $1,000

Producer Row: $10,000 (12 seats)

  • Premier front and center seating locations
  • Gold Recognition plate mounted at seat location
  • Name recognition as 'Producer' in theatre lobby
  • Invitation to private ribbon-cutting ceremony

Director: $500

  • Prime seating locations
  • Silver Recognition plate mounted at seat location
  • Name recognition as 'Director' in theatre lobby
  • Invitation to private ribbon-cutting ceremony

Folding Chair: $150

Naming a theatre seat in honor of someone would make a perfect gift.

About the New Seating

Maintaining the historical integrity of our 75-year old facility is extremely important to Algonquin Arts Theatre. We have contracted Irwin Seating Company of Grand Rapids, Mich., who produced the original Algonquin seats in the 1930s. The replacement includes taking the original end stations and wooden chair arms and refurbishing them to be included in the new installation.

Additional improvements with the new seating include:

  • The Orchestra Center section will be reduced from 14 seats wide to 12 seats wide, and the Orchestra Right and Left sections will be increased from five to six seats.
  • Sightlines will be improved through a staggered seating configuration.
  • Nine wheelchair locations to exceed ADA requirements and accommodate more individuals and groups with special needs.
  • Four movable armchairs will be included to increase accessibility.
  • Convertible wheelchair seating locations, which include removable, full-size theatre seats to allow the most efficient use of space.

TAKE-A-SEAT: Frequently Asked Questions

How will my contributution be used?
Funds raised through this campaign will be used to cover the cost of the new seats and installation. During the approximately six week process, the inside of the theatre will receive the following improvements:

  • Concrete floor modifications to accommodate wheelchair locations per ADA requirements.
  • Cleaning and sealing the theatre floor.
  • Painting the entire theatre interior.
  • Replacement of carpeting and runner lights in the theatre.
  • Acoustic modifications to the theatre room.

Any additional revenue from the "Take-A-Seat" campaign will allow us to continue to bring the best in performing arts and education to the region.

Why Replace the Seats?
The current seating dates from theatre's 1938 construction as a movie house. The seats were re-upholstered when the Algonquin re-opened in 1994, but require regular maintenance and, after more than 75 years in use, do not offer the comfort that new seats will bring.

Can I pick my seat?
Seats are available on a first-come, first served basis. We will do our best to accommodate your requested seating location; however, the theatre reserves the right to assign seating.

Will I be able to sit in my seat(s) at performances?
The "Take-A-Seat" campaign does not include a personal seat license and we cannot guarantee that the seat(s) which you have named will be available for ticketed performances.