Internships and Community Service Program

Here at Algonquin Arts Theatre we give our students a chance to work with a lot of hands-on projects that will allow them to grow and create as individual artists. This is an excellent opportunity to encourage and prepare interns for a creative environment.

Our Internship program is a volunteer participation and is an excellent way to give back to the community. As a student leader you are a role model amongst the students who attend our academy. Your job title will include organizing classes, assisting with lesson planning, and assistant directing and teaching. There is plenty of opportunity to work behind the scenes by learning the process of putting a performance together. The process includes running a performance and collaborating costume, set, prop, lighting and music ideas with the various instructors.

Opportunities of volunteering are even available to our local Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops of Ocean and Monmouth County. Scout functions can be arranged to help your troop earn hours of work service. We even offer Scout tours of the theatre; customize workshops based on a visual or performing arts experience.